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Thousands of customers come to Trumpia for our highly scalable messaging API, the foundation of which is programmable SMS. They then stay for life because of our unmatched service, time-saving productivity tools, 2-way landline texting, and a bevy of other messaging channels.

Prebuilt Tool Library

Management Functions

With Trumpia’s API, you get powerful database management. This way, you don’t have to write code to create lists, add contacts, update them, or even unsubscribe them. It’s almost like having a built-in CRM at no additional cost.

Contact Collection Tools

No contact collection tool matches the power of mobile keywords. We make creating one as simple as a single function call. We even handle compliance requirements such as disclosures and opt-out footers.

2-Factor Authentication

Quickly increase login security with our 2-factor authentication tool. This secures your software or website by requiring a one-time passcode that’s either emailed or texted to users.

We also offer a Code Library, full of prebuilt functions to get you started.

Every Channel

  • Free Shared Short Code

    New short codes are expensive and take weeks to activate. We include a shared short code that’s ready for immediate use.

    Why Use a Shared Short Code?
    • High throughput (200 messages/sec)
    • Legally required for mass texting, solicitation, and marketing
  • Dedicated Short Code

    Bypass the long wait and processing time to acquire a dedicated short code. We can fasttrack the process, so you have it up and running in just a couple of weeks.

    Why Use a Dedicated Short Code?
    • High throughput (200 messages/sec)
    • Legally required for mass texting, solicitation, and marketing
    • Dedicated short codes allow for branding opportunities
  • Landline Texting

    Send and receive text messages through your existing business landline number. This allows you to publish a single familiar number for customers to text and call.

    Why Use Landline Texting?
    • Better for 1-to-1 messaging
    • Receive higher response rates
    • Required for voice capabilities
    • Keep your existing number
  • Long Code

    If you would rather get a new one, our API can generate a 10-digit number for you. With this, you can still text for business without using your personal mobile number.

    Why Use a Long Code?
    • Better for 1-to-1 messaging
    • Receive higher response rates
    • Required for voice capabilities
    • Generate a new number
  • MMS

    Send more than just a plain 160-character message. With MMS, you can send pictures and videos as well as 500-character messages for more engaging content.

    Why Use MMS?
    • Send more captivating content
    • Enables branding opportunities
    • No need to break up longer messages
  • Omni-Channel

    Using our integrated solution, send messages via all popular channels, including text messaging, email, social media, and voice broadcast

    Why Use Omni-Channel?
    • Cater to communication preferences
    • Reach 100% of your subscribers
    • Different channels offer distinct advantages (ie: email for longer messages vs. text for time-sensitive alerts)

Unmatched Service

  • Premium Support Every API customer gets free access to support via phone, email, or ticket. Better yet, our average response time is less than 9 minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Compliance Consultation Our compliance team advises customers on current messaging laws and regulations to help them stay out of trouble. This includes CTIA, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM.
  • Reliability Our system is backed by multiple network connections, dual data centers, active servers, and mirrored storage.

Custom Integration ServiceHire our custom development team to integrate our messaging API with your system for tasks including:

  • Send and receive messages (text, email, voice, and social post) from within your system
  • Data synchronization between Trumpia and your databases
  • Custom web pages, online signup pages, templates, and forms
  • Customized reporting provides the data you need to maximize your ROI
See what other integrations our team has accomplished

API Case Studies

  • Katch KatchVertical Search Platform

    Katch uses our API to market for their insurance provider client, achieving a 15% conversion rate from all leads.

  • Katch HankookTire Manufacturer

    Hankook Tires uses text to coordinate shipments between their delivery drivers and customers.

  • Katch OPLINLibrary Messaging Software Provider

    The Ohio Public Library Information Network uses Trumpia’s API to send more attention-grabbing due date reminders.