Your Brand, Our Mobile Technology

Mass Texting + Automation + User Management

  • Whether you aspire to be a reseller or to start your own privately branded website, our white-label software platform offers you the opportunity to create your own marketing and messaging web service that goes far beyond just mobile messaging.

    White Label
    • Easily upload contacts and send mass SMS
    • Facebook tools included at no cost
    • Send relevant and personalized messages via Automation

    Trumpia's white-label and reseller program surpasses ordinary SMS marketing alternatives by adding other messaging and marketing features such as email marketing, social promotions, and voice broadcast. But it’s our powerful Messaging & Marketing Automation technologies that end all comparisons. Trumpia is the only Marketing Automation service that works with SMS and Email.

  • Reseller Walkthrough

    Here are just a few benefits of starting your branded service through Trumpia:

    • Customize your own feature sets and pricing
    • Buy at low one-time wholesale prices
    • Keep 100% of the profits
    • 1-on-1 training and white labeled sales tools

    Rebrand and sell our technology as your own and keep 100% of the profits. As a Trumpia White Label Reseller, you can customize your marketing offerings, plans, and pricing. Create basic plans with a single communication channel like SMS texting, and premium ones that include every channel, like email, social media and texting. Then decide which plans include Marketing Automation and Multi-Location features for an additional price. It’s all your choice.

Manage Your Business as a Mobile Marketing Reseller

  • Sales Management
    Sales Management
    • Get detailed analytics
    • Track sales rep performances
    • Monitor account activities
  • Customer Information Management (CIM)
    Customer Information Management (CIM)

    Streamline customer and billing management on one robust interface. Monitor and adjust customer accounts, deliver account alerts and system-wide announcements, and more.

  • Advanced Support Ticketing System
    Advanced Support Ticketing System

    Support your customers and keep a history of your support thread. Or you can forward any issues to Trumpia’s Customer Support team, and we’ll take it from there.

  • Unmatched Support
    • 365-day live support, and program guides
    • One-on-one training sessions, online tutorial and recorded webinars
    • Library of white-labeled marketing collateral to help you land sales

Go Beyond Mobile: Multi-Channel Messaging
and Marketing Automation

  • Mobile Text Messaging

    Mobile Text Messaging

    Trumpia lets you take advantage of the text messaging revolution by helping your customers reach their audience wherever they may be. Mobile text is the most immediate channel whether you’re using SMS or MMS. As an SMS reseller, your customers can use your branded software to engage their audience using mobile keywords, 2-way texting, trackable coupons, QR codes, voting, reminders, Yes/No response, picture messaging and more.

    Learn more about text messaging for communications or marketing.

  • Multi-Channel Messaging

    Multi-Channel Messaging

    In this dynamic digital world, consumers want to be reached through a variety of ways - SMS, email, social media, or even voice messaging. Help your customers boost response rates and increase customer satisfaction by offering ALL the popular communication channels instead of just one. Help your customers reach 100% of their biggest marketing asset, their audience, with multi-channel messaging. Trumpia’s mobile marketing reseller program helps you win against other resellers who can offer only one channel.

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  • Targeting


    In today’s information saturated world, impersonal and non-targeted messages are likely to be sent to the trash or worse, considered quasi-spam. That’s why it’s essential to make messages personalized and relevant. Offer sophisticated targeting tools so your customers can protect their brand image and increase ROI.

    • A computer store may send a special coupon to only those who’ve clicked on an iPhone announcement.
    • A spa can fill a slow week by sending a VIP deal to those who have visited more than three times within the past six months, all automatically.

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  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation has emerged as a highly coveted feature, and Trumpia is proud to be one of the only companies in the mobile industry to provide it to their resellers. Let your customers automate the tedious manual tasks like sorting and matching. Our system can even be set on autopilot by setting a rule and the subsequent action it triggers. Our software takes care of the rest.

    • The same computer store from above could have a second wave of reminders automatically sent to only those who have not yet redeemed that coupon.
    • Organizations could also send personalized birthday wishes 48 hours prior to the date.

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Security and Control

  • Advanced Access Control

    Advanced Access Control

    Give your customers the power to control access rights for multiple users on a single account. Now they can let an associate redeem a coupon or add contacts, while only a general manager can set their reward program rules. Offer increased security with simplified UI’s that only display the data and features each individual has been granted access to.

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  • Multi-Location Enterprise

    Multi-Location Enterprise

    As your customer’s organization expands, so do their needs and responsibilities. Security issues and compliance with corporate standards are just a few areas that may cause headaches. Trumpia offers a compelling solution to these problems for Multi-Location Enterprises. Expand the clientele you attract to include franchises and enterprises, and increase your profit margin with Trumpia’s white label reseller program for enterprises.

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Integrated System

  • Single Integrated Platform

    Single Integrated Platform

    With an ever growing digital lifestyle, your customers are faced with having to purchase and learn multiple messaging or marketing softwares that operate differently and store data separately. Trumpia’s solution comes with a single dashboard that controls all of SMS, email, voice, and social media. With Trumpia’s white label reseller program, you can offer an integrated software with just one price tag, simplifying their user experience.

  • Customizable User Interface

    Customizable User Interface

    With such an abundance of powerful and engaging tools for you to offer, Trumpia includes an interface simplification feature. Set it so your customers’ interfaces only display the features you grant them or they paid for, cutting down on training time and simplifying usage.

  • API Access

    API Access

    Integrate Trumpia's messaging and marketing functions into your customers’ existing system by reselling Trumpia's API to developers. Backed by a robust infrastructure designed for reliability, scalability, and security, our APIs provide powerful and efficient ways of integrating our features with your customers’ services and applications.

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    Trumpia has built its sterling reputation for the last 7 years and is trusted by Fortune 500s. And with the security of 1-on-1 training, 365-day live support, and extensive white label online resources, we’ll always have your back. Now it is your turn to join our white label reseller program and become a mobile marketing reseller!