Use Cases

Do more and save programming time with Trumpia’s API.

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Here are just a few of the use cases you could implement using our API.

  • Mass
    Mass Texting

    Send up to 300 messages per second with a shared short code, so you can instantly send messages to everyone you want including announcements, promotions, and even critical alerts.

  • Individual
    Text Messaging

    Add text messaging to your existing system for alerts such as account status, shipping, job openings, and fraud.

  • Reminders

    Send SMS reminders

    The average adult checks his or her phone 100 times a day. Send SMS reminders to ensure that deadlines, meetings, and events are remembered.

  • MMS

    Send MMS

    Add pictures and videos to your texts to create more eye-catching messages for birthday or invitation cards.

  • Collect
    Collect Mobile Contacts

    Quickly collect contacts using mobile keywords. You can capture the phone numbers of people who have opted-in and begin texting them immediately.

  • Sign-Up
    Sign-up Forms

    Build your contact database by customizing your own online sign-up forms to integrate with our API.

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  • Surveys

    Send Surveys

    Gain valuable feedback from subscribers with an SMS survey.

  • Two-Way
    Two Way Messaging

    Don’t just send messages, but receive them too, so you can provide better customer service or follow up with leads. You can even do this using your existing business number (landline).

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  • Subscriber
    Subscriber Management

    You can directly message your contact’s phone number, or use a powerful option of synchronizing your contacts and stored contacts at Trumpia. This allows for easy mass messaging and mail merging data with your messages.

  • Two-Factor
    Two Factor Authentication

    Bolster security by requiring a one-time email or SMS verification code when suspicious conditions are detected such as a foreign IP or frequent attempts.

    Click here to learn more about two-factor authentication.

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Case Studies

  • Hankook Tires

    Hankook Tires integrated our text message API into its alert system, so the company could coordinate deliveries and shipments. Truckers get alerts when shipments are available to be picked up, and customers get alerts that their order is ready and on the way.

  • Oplin

    The Ohio Public Library Information Network combined the library system's built-in email functionality with Trumpia's Email-to-SMS API to remind patrons of due dates for checked out material.

  • The Teen Project

    The Teen Project, an organization that aims to help homeless teens, integrated SMS into its system. By texting the word SHELTER and their ZIP Code to 99000, homeless youths are immediately sent the address of a shelter within a 30-mile radius of their location.