Credit Cost By Feature

Outbound Messages

Feature Credit Cost
Keyword Auto Response 1
Follow Up Auto Response 1
Keyword Alternate Auto Response 1
Notifications (Keyword Sign-up, New Message in Inbox) 1
Online Sign-up Page Auto Response 1
Online Sign-up Page Confirmation Message 1
Facebook Widget SMS Auto Response 1
Mobile Voting Question 1
Mobile Voting Answer Response 1
Late Vote Message 1
Shuffle Responder Messages 1
"End of Shuffle" Response Message 1
Optional Text-to-Screen Auto Response 1
Appointment Reminders 1
MMS Messages 3
Send from Phone Messages 1
Voice Broadcast 3 per minute
Voice Broadcast Verification 1
Landline Text 1
Loyalty Program - Reward Redemption 1
Loyalty Program - New Member Registration 1
Loyalty Program - Member Reactivation 1
Auto Campaigns - Survey 1

Inbound Messages

Feature Credit Cost
Inbox Messages FREE
Inbound Shuffle Responder Keyword 0.5
Loyalty Program - Inbound messages from Members/Cashiers 0.5
Inbound Text-to-Screen Messages 0.5
Inbound Voting Answer 0.5
Inbound API Messages 1
Landline Text 1
MMS Messages 2
Inbox Message Notification 1
Auto Campaign - Inbound Survey Response 0.5


Feature Credit Cost
2-Factor Send (Domestic) 5
2-Factor Send (International) International
Country Cost
2-Factor Code Authentication FREE
Email (API Only plans) 0.04

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