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Time is money, and phone tag and unopened emails are frustrating. Trumpia Connect enables you to send and receive text messages from within your Salesforce account, giving you attention-grabbing messages that leads cannot ignore. Work within the lead record and automate messaging with Salesforce’s workflows as though it was a part of Salesforce all along.

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Why Trumpia Connect

Save Time With Automation Trumpia Connect is compatible with Automated Salesforce Workflows, saving you time by sending texts automatically whenever certain conditions occur in Salesforce.

Text-Enable Your Business Number Give your customers the power to text your direct or toll-free number. We can also provide you with a new, text-enabled number if you need one. Only Trumpia Connect offers both options.

No Additional Services Required Unlike other vendors, Trumpia Connect is ready out of the box and doesn't require additional software.

Salesforce Optimized Trumpia Connect is fully compatible with Salesforce Automated Workflows and the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Key Features of Trumpia Connect

  • Text Message Inbox

    Quickly manage and engage in multiple conversations using a web-based inbox.

  • Scheduled Messages

    Compose messages in advance to go out at specific times.

  • Landline Texting

    Use your existing business number or one of our text-enabled numbers to easily communicate with customers through text.

  • Integrate Leads

    Utilizing the Lightning Component, you can send and receive text messages directly from the lead/contact record in the Salesforce UI.

  • MMS Messaging

    Deliver enticing product images or sales collateral to prospective customers directly from Salesforce.

  • Templates

    Create messaging templates to save time and maintain a consistent brand image.

  • Two-Way Texting

    Engage in real-time, personalized text conversations.

  • Unicode and International Support

    Send international characters and emojis in your messages, where available.

Why Texting?

  • Text messaging has an unmatched 98% read rate
  • Texting has a 45% response rate compared to just 6% for email
  • Texting has been shown to increase sales conversion by up to 40%

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