Trumpia’s integration offerings enable you to powerfully automate messaging and contact management based on actions you take in the software you already use everyday.


Trumpia’s integration with Salesforce lets you automatically enter new leads captured via our software into Salesforce, so you don’t have to retype the contact information manually. This means not only can you collect more qualified leads using Trumpia’s online sign-up pages and mobile keywords, but you can instantly begin engaging and managing them via Salesforce.


Zapier is a web-based application that enables you to automate tasks across programs such as Gmail, Slack, and Trumpia. Zapier is an especially great resource for those who don’t know how to code, but want SMS integration.

All you have to do is:

  • 1Set up a “trigger”
  • 2Set its corresponding “action”
  • 3Sit back and let Zapier do the work for you

Zapier Compatible Features:

  • Mobile keyword opt-in
  • Keyword data capture
  • Message response
  • Send text to contact
  • Send text to distribution list
  • Search contacts
  • Create a contact

Sample Use Cases

Trumpia as a Trigger

When a prospect texts your Trumpia keyword to opt-in, have that contact automatically entered as a lead into your CRM (e.g.: Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua).

Trumpia as an Action

Whenever an important date is a week away in your calendar app (e.g.: Calendly or Google Calendar), have a text reminder automatically sent from Trumpia.

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