Mass Texting

When you need to get your message read by a large number of people at once, text messaging provides the most reliable and effective way. Emails only get read 22% of the time, while phone calls hardly ever get picked up anymore. On the other hand, people would sooner leave home without their wallets than their phones.

Why Mass Texting Matters

  • Text Messages Get Seen98% of all text messages get read.
  • Text Messages Offer Immediacy90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.
  • Text Messages are DiscreteTexting is simultaneously the most attention-grabbing channel while also being discrete.

The Trumpia Advantage

Trumpia’s smart messaging goes beyond the indiscriminate mass messaging of other providers.

  • Reliable High-Volume CommunicationTrumpia’s partnered with hundreds of domestic and global carriers, so our high throughput can handle your mass text messaging projects reliably and rapidly.
  • Smart TargetingEven when sending messages to 100 subscribers at a time, you need to send to the right 100. Smart Targeting lets you filter subscribers based on their interests and behavior, so you send only relevant messages and minimize opt-outs. Learn more
  • Text BotOur software automatically handles your text message campaign chores, scaling to hundreds of messages without you needing to lift a finger. Learn more
  • MMSDon’t just send words; mass send pictures too. Learn more
  • Number OptionsTrumpia offers a variety of ways to mass message including short codes, toll-free numbers, and the upcoming 10DLC-A2P (coming later 2019).

Example Use Cases

  • Retail Increase revenue by announcing an annual sale to all your customers.
  • Restaurants Fill more tables by sending a picture of your restaurant’s weekly menu.
  • Colleges and Universities During critical situations, alert all students, staff, and faculty to the danger.
  • HR Increase enrollment in corporate benefits with mass deadline reminders.
  • IT Alert all employees to a network outage, as well as when it’s back up and running again.
  • Political Campaigns Boost attendance at campaign events with a mass invite to everyone who’s indicated they live in the area.

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