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Trumpia Customer Service

Nowadays people text rather than call when they need to make quick, reliable contact. That’s because they don’t want to risk getting stuck on hold or worse, caught in a lengthy call. Texting is less intimidating, immediate, and can be done on their own time. Trumpia pairs the power of SMS with our unmatched automation technologies, helping your customer service department reach five stars!

Use Cases for Customer Service

  • Give Customers a Choice in How they Reach You
  • Streamline Tasks with Automation
  • Gather More Feedback
  • Send Relevant Alerts
  • 64% of consumers say they prefer texting over voice calls for customer service because 81% find it frustrating to be tied up on the phone.

    Text-enable your business’s existing number, so you offer the convenience of either calling or texting the same number.

    Trumpia helps you cater to customer channel preferences by offering text message, email, social media, and voice messaging.

    Improve Customer Satisfaction With SMS
  • Trumpia’s industry-leading SMS Automation carries out tasks for you, allowing you to accomplish more and keep customers happier without the costs of more hires.

    Intelligent TextBot: Create an automated text messaging attendant that can answer common questions by branching customers down messaging paths based on how they respond to prompts. See example

    Auto Campaigns: Set a condition, and when it’s met, our software automatically carries out predetermined tasks. For example, send a customer a survey after their service call, and if they complete it, you can send them a promotional offer to thank them. Later, they can be added to a drip campaign as well.

    Increase Operational Efficiency
  • How did the most successful business get to where they are today? They listened to their customers.

    Text surveys get faster and more responses over email or postal surveys.

    Make the surveys interactive, so they branch dynamically according to your customer’s responses, allowing you to ask deeper and more relevant questions.

    Streamline Task with Automation
  • Trumpia allows you to send customers targeted messages based on their interests and behavior within our system.

    Send individualized shipment and delivery notifications.

    Automatically send case updates, reminders for webinar trainings, and important service milestones.

    Since our Smart Targeting promotes only relevant messages, it greatly boosts customer satisfaction and minimizes opt-outs.

    Streamline Task with Automation
  • 1.Advertise on collateral and your social media a mobile keyword like “Service” that customers can text to get help.
  • 2.When a customer texts it, our system can automatically text back “Do you need help with A) Billing B) Service issues, C) Product information, or D) other.”
  • 3.If the customer texts back B), they could automatically be sent a mobile link for how to solve common service issues like resetting an account.
  • 4.If they have further questions, they can simply reply back and be directed to text a customer service representative through Landline Texting.

Lifecycle Engagement Trumpia’s texting solution goes beyond simple mass blasting services. It can automate every point of interaction you have with the customer, from signup to sending feedback surveys and helping to guide them to be an advocate of your business. Here’s an example of how:(Click on the circles to view more details on each step)

1 Text-Enable Your Landline

Text-enable your business’s landline phone number, so customers can call or text the same number for service.

2 Handle Customer Questions

Quickly handle multiple customer questions and complaints.

3 Send Notifications

Automatically send individualized shipment and delivery notifications.

4 Gather Feedback

Gather feedback using automated SMS surveys to improve your service. Because they’re sent via texting, you’ll get more responses and quicker too.

5 Make Text Surveys Interactive

Make your text surveys interactive, so they branch dynamically according to your customer’s responses, allowing you to ask deeper and more

6 Place a Mobile Keyword

Place a mobile keyword on your recall notices, service update reminders, and other notifications, so customers can text in to learn more or schedule appointments.

7 Filter Customers

Automatically filter customers based on interests, purchase history, or behavior, so you send only relevant alerts.

Enterprise Features

Trumpia has a variety of enterprise-grade features that allow you to control employee’s use of the system.

Trumpia’s access control and data segregation allow management to regulate which employees have access to certain features or customer databases.

With custom templates, you can maintain consistency throughout all your messaging.

Powerful reporting allows you to track and analyze your messaging campaigns.

Powerful Integration

Integrate our messaging features into your existing applications:

Zapier: Trumpia automatically works with many of the applications you already use on a daily basis without needing you to write a single line of code. See example

API: We offer full REST and HTTP APIs, so you can seamlessly incorporate our capabilities into your existing applications. In addition, Trumpia's SMTP feature lets you send text messages directly from your email.

  • Add new SugarCRM leads as contacts in Trumpia.
  • Get a text alerts for new Zendesk tickets

Unmatched Customer Service

Our seasoned account management team will help you implement automation and lifecycle engagement into your communication strategy, delivering a tangible ROI on your investment measured by improvements in revenue, customer ratings, and employee productivity. In addition, our experienced support team is ready to help 365 days a year, with a 9-minute average support response time during business hours.

365-Day Technical Support 9 min Initial Response Time 9.5/10 Customer Service Rating

Trumpia Customer Use Cases

Hankook Tires uses text messaging to coordinate deliveries between their truck drivers and customers, sending over 2000 messages a month. VIEW CASE STUDY With Trumpia’s API, they were able to send nearly 11,000 automated messages about past due dates directly to their customers. VIEW CASE STUDY

Beyond Mass Texting

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