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SMS for Restaurants

You tried email and flyers but they don't work, and radio ads and mobile apps are too expensive. That’s where text messaging comes in, giving you a direct and cost-effective way to reach your customers while they’re on-the-go. Trumpia’s industry leading and powerful SMS automation platform will help keep your restaurant generating profit year round.

Use Cases for Food & Beverage Industry

  • Send Promotions
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Manage Employees
  • 98% of text messages are read, making it the most effective way to reach your patrons.

    Smart Targeting : Sort customers based on their coupon redemption behavior so you can target more relevant offers in the future. For example, create a list of everyone who used your “Steak” coupon and then send them relevant specials. Auto-Campaign : Send your customers a coupon link. Then, if the customer has not redeemed it, our automation can send them a reminder a few days before the coupon expires. SMS and MMS Messaging : Send text promotions and reservation reminders, as well as MMS picture messages of your menu. Mobile Coupons : Send mobile coupons to attract the 77% that are more likely to go to a restaurant during off-peak times if they received a discount. Omni-Channel Broadcasting : Announce upcoming specials through texting, picture messaging, email, and social media.

    Send Restaurant Promotions With SMS
  • Repeat business is vital to your success. Trumpia helps keep customers happy with:

    Landline Texting : Enable patrons to either call or text your existing business number to request reservations or place an order, rather than be stuck on a call or on hold. This also lets you text patrons without having to use your personal number. Text Bot : Automatically answer questions about location hours, give directions, and parking instructions. Automated Reminders : Reduce no-shows with automated reservation reminders. SMS Surveys : Gather feedback to improve the dining experience with powerful surveys that have 5x the response rate of email surveys.

    Texting Improves Restaurant Customer Satisfaction
  • Whether you have multiple employees or multiple locations, it is important to keep things consistent and secure.

    Shift Scheduling : Send employees their shifts, and quickly cover missed shifts as texting is 60x faster than email. Access Control : Limit which features each member of your team is allowed to access based on what’s relevant to their job. Custom Messaging Templates : Maintain a consistent brand image across all your messages by creating custom templates for all of your stores. Centralized Reporting : See what’s working across all campaigns.

    Manage Employees With Text Messaging

Lifecycle Engagement with Customers Trumpia’s texting solution goes beyond servicing as a mass blasting service. It can automate your communications with customers and employees throughout their lifecycle with your establishments. Here’s an example of how:(Click on the circles to view more details on each step)

Create a mobile keyword and advertise it in all of your existing advertising media to secure sign-ups for mobile coupons, loyalty programs, and promotional offers.

Automatically collect information about your customers such as birthdays, dietary preferences, and even their favorite location.

Fill tables and increase revenue with targeted offersbased on customer data, preferences, or behavioral history.

Take reservations or orders via text using your business’s existing phone number.

Send shift reminders and quickly find replacements for missing employees.

Use SMS surveys to gather feedback and improve the customer experience.

Unmatched Customer Service

Unlike most providers, we offer onboarding and training to make sure you know how to use our messaging solution. In addition, our account management team will help you implement SMS automation into your communications strategy and make sure you get the best ROI possible. We also have an amazing support team that’s ready to help, 365 days a year, with a 9-minute support response time during business hours and a 9.5 out of 10 rating in customer service.

365-Day Technical Support 9 min Initial Response Time 9.5/10 Customer Service Rating

Trumpia Customer Use Cases

Jamba Juice of Bakersfield uses mass SMS and QR code campaigns to increase store traffic by 10% VIEW CASE STUDY Chick-fil-A sends picture messages to promote their specials and improved their coupon redemption rate to 20% using keywords. VIEW CASE STUDY By sorting customers based on which location they visited, HighFive Frozen Yogurt sends branch-specific promotions. VIEW CASE STUDY

Beyond Mass Texting

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