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Improve Recruiting With Texting

Text messages have revolutionized personal communication, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. They boast a near-perfect read rate of 98% and are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x faster than email. Trumpia enables you to you tap into this power for your recruiting, but goes further than simple mass texting solutions by giving recruiters automation tools to help them collect more candidates and match them with relevant jobs automatically.

Use Cases for Recruiting

  • Increase the Number of Qualified Candidates
  • Automate Your
  • Stay Connected to
    Your Applicant Pool
  • Manage Staff
  • For the same reasons you prefer texting with your friends over calling them, SMS is the most effective communication channel for recruiting.

    Data CapturePrompt candidates to text back information like their qualifications and interests, and have their responses automatically collected.

    Smart Targeting Use the data to automatically sort candidates. This way, you don’t send entry-level positions in Wyoming to someone with 10 years experience who wants to stay in LA.

    Mobile KeywordsEasily collect more candidates by having them simply text your keyword.

    Increase the Number of Qualified Candidates
  • Time is money, and Trumpia helps you save both. It automates the manual tasks that would otherwise consume your recruiting team’s entire day.

    Text BotAutomatically send candidates down different messaging branches based on how they respond to your texts. See example

    Automated RemindersCut down on no-shows for job fairs and interviews.

    Tracking Automatically track whether a candidate clicks on a job posting, so you can gauge interest and send them automated follow-up texts.

    Automated Drip CampaignsAutomatically track whether a candidate clicks on a job posting, so you can gauge interest and send them automated follow-up texts.

    Automate Your Recruiting
  • Using Trumpia’s powerful features, you can engage candidates through every stage of the hiring process, and never miss an opportunity to find the right fit.

    Landline TextingUse your office’s landline phone number to text with candidates, rather than divulging your personal mobile number.

    SMS SurveysGather feedback to improve your recruiting process. With a response rate of 7.5x higher than email, you’ll actually get enough feedback to make a difference.

    Omni-Channel CommunicationsTrumpia integrates SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice onto a single platform, so you to reach your candidates no matter their channel preference.

    Stay Connected to Your Applicant Pool
  • Our software enables you to restrict access to contacts and their message history for each member of your team.

    Access ControlLimit what features and data each member of your team is allowed to use.

    Personalized Mobile KeywordsAssign each recruiter their own mobile keyword to track their performance.

    Data SetsLet recruiters only message their own candidates by separating contacts and message history.

    Manage Staff
  1. 1After a job fair, you could send a text asking which department the candidate is interested in: A) HR, B) Marketing, C) Sales, or D) IT
  2. 2If they respond “C”, ask them if they are interested in: A) management or B) entry level position.
  3. 3If they then respond “A”, they would be sent a link with all your sales management positions.
  4. 4You can even have a reminder automatically sent a week later if the candidate hadn’t clicked the link by then.

How Trumpia Covers Your Recruiting Lifecycle Trumpia allows you to communicate with candidates throughout every stage of the recruiting process, from initial contact to the eventual hire. Here’s an example of how:(Click on the circles to view more details on each step)

1 Mobile Keywords

Collect candidate information using mobile keywords and online sign-up tools.

2 Filter Candidates

Filter candidates based on their interests, salary requirements and qualifications.

3 Send relevant opportunities

Send relevant opportunities based on select criteria via text and email.

4 Landline Texting

Answer questions via two-way landline texting without having to divulge your personal mobile number.

5 Send Reminders

Automatically send reminders for application deadlines or interviews.

6 Send Follow-Up Messages

Send follow-up messages after candidate interviews to ask more questions if needed.

7 Send SMS surveys

Send SMS surveys to solicit candidate feedback after the interview process.

8 Feedback

Use feedback to qualify candidates for future openings.

Integrate with Zapier and API

Powerful Integration

If you want, you can integrate Trumpia into your existing systems to coordinate your operations. We have two integration options:

  • Zapier Trumpia automatically works with the applications you already use on a daily basis, with no additional programming needed. See example
  • API We offer full REST, HTTP, and SMTP APIs, so you can seamlessly incorporate our capabilities into your existing applications.
  • When candidates text in your mobile keyword, have them instantly entered into Zoho Recruit.
  • Have a confirmation text automatically sent to new applicants in Workable.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our seasoned account management team will help you implement automation and lifecycle engagement into your communication strategy, delivering a tangible ROI on your investment measured by improvements in revenue, customer ratings, and employee productivity. In addition, our experienced support team is ready to help 365 days a year, with a 9-minute average support response time during business hours.

365-Day Technical Support 9 min Initial Response Time 9.5/10 Customer Service Rating

Beyond Mass Texting

  • Smart Targeting

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  • Automation

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  • Enterprise

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  • Omnichannel